Herbal update and reflection boxes

While my work has been keeping me too busy to write, it hasn’t kept me from my plants! I will be posting updates over the next week of all exciting events that have occured in my writing absence. First things first: the herbs!


The herbs 2 weeks in and looking good!


More recent: herbs at 5 weeks.

They have taken off! Everything has several true leaves and I need to figure out what is next in terms of harvesting/fertilizing.  The basil, chives, and oregano are all looking great.  However, there was an incident last week involving a dropped pot and now the parsley is in a sad looking state. The cilantro has gotten really leggy with the weight of the leaves, and I am thinking I need to try and grow them again. Like I said in an earlier post – gardening is an experiment, and I am beginning to think that when it comes to the parsley and cilantro I might need to start a second trial.


The poor leggy cilantro

In general all the plants were not getting enough light, and were growing towards the little light they were getting. I was rotating them to keep them growing in a general upwards direction, which weakened the stems and has resulted in the droopy cilantro and parsley plants that I have now. I knew that if I wanted my tomatoes and peppers to do well I would have to get better light. I don’t like the idea of wasting electricity on grow lights, so I got an idea online to make a light reflection box out of cardboard boxes and aluminum foil (and duct tape! – thanks dad your xmas gift came in handy!) to put behind the plants and reflect some light from behind. They have been working amazingly on my newly sprouted veggie seedlings (updates on those soon to come)!!




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