Tomatoes and peppers and eggplants, oh my!

About four weeks ago when Andrew was around for spring break, we planted the tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants in the 36-cell self-watering seedling tray. It only took a few days after we planted them for the tomatoes to poke through. The eggplant came next with the hot peppers, and finally the sweet peppers popped up.

just starting to come up

just starting to come up

baby tomato

baby tomato

We planted 2 seeds in each cell and have gotten pretty good germinations rates around 90%. This is just a guess since I didn’t keep count, but I really wish I would have, as tracking the statistics of my garden is something I have really gotten into (more on this in another post). In total we planted: 7 cells of roma tomatoes, 7 cells of patio princess hybrid tomatoes, 7 cells of California wonder sweet peppers, 7 cells of mixture sweet peppers, 4 cells of hot peppers, and 4 cells of black beauty eggplant. The tomatoes are thriving with their large true leaves, and everything else is starting to grow into their true leaves as well. It was a beautiful day outside yesterday, so I opened the window and let the plants get a taste of the real world. As the weather becomes warmer more consistently I will continue to harden the plants off. This will be a gradual introduction of the plants to outdoor conditions starting with just a taste of fresh air through the open window, then putting them outside for a few hours a day, and working up to leaving them outside over night. The goal is to get them in the ground in the first week of May (depending on the weather).


Eggplant at ~4 weeks


tomatos are huge, eggplant is thriving, and the peppers are coming along nicely

I am starting to think that maybe I should have planted more of each variety. There are 14 tomato plants and 14 sweet pepper plants, which is quite a bit, but after one of my Roma’s stem bent and almost broke, I am getting a little nervous about the survival rate. When I first bought the trays and the seeds, Andrew and I agreed that we were not going to go too crazy our first-time gardening. I feel like we have mostly stuck to that, however, as my upcoming post will show, our garden is quite large, and I can’t help but want to fill it up. It is going to be a great summer and we are going to eat well. More about our actual garden plot to come!


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