Back to blogging

It has been awhile since I was first inspired to start this blog, and I think it is time to regain control and post again.  The dogs (now plural ~ welcome Dixie!) have been enjoying a new life together, and Andrew is now here to share the joys (and duties) of cooking and keeping up the (now exploding) garden.

Dixie and Charley

Dixie and Charley enjoying their spot on the floor. It is good to have friends.

To keep myself on track I wanted to share a list of the things I am looking forward to writing about over the next few weeks:

1.) I want to share what our initial garden plan started out as, how it evolved, and what it is now. (This is something I have been wanting to post for a long time!)
UPDATE: How does our garden grow? – The plan

2.) An update is long over due for both the outdoor garden and my indoor herbs. I posted the pictures from the very beginning when things were just starting to grow, and now some things have been eaten, some have died, some have survived, and some are just starting to thrive! It would be great to share what I have learned about harvesting and how to keep things growing.
UPDATE: Our master-peas (and sad spinach)

3.) Since our garden is now in full bloom I hope to write a post about each of the fresh foods we have been harvesting, and the interesting ways we have incorporated them into our cooking. I also want to share some of the ways we have started to preserve them.

4.) Andrew and his dog Dixie have moved in (and we all moved into a new place!), so we are settling down into our routine of dog walks (and runs and hikes), garden weeding (and composting), and evening meals. I would like to write about our adventures with the pups and some of the day-to-day stuff we are doing to keep everything and everyone happy.
UPDATE: Leaving a dog behind (Hiking Mount Tammany)

I can’t wait to get back to get back to this!

On another note: I passed my big exam that was in May (one of the reason my blogging fell behind) and presented my research at a conference in South Korea!!!


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