Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie: A Dog’s Perspective


We love hiking with the dogs and during our recent winter excisions we have been snapping as many photos as we can trying to catch those perfect moments, which can be rare with our dopey dogs. This one from our most recent hike of Strickler’s Knob in the George Washington National Forrest in VA was one of my favorites. With the Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge being selfie, I thought this would fit right in as it is what I would imagine if Charley was going to snap a picture of himself with Andrew and Dixie in the background.

This topic also brings to mind the fact that selflies are most difficult when also trying to get two dogs to look good as well. Here are some of the best selfies that we have managed to take with the dogs.


One of our many long distance drives back from Minnesota.


A classic Charley photo bomb from our Mount Tammany Hike.


One of my favorites of us goofing around with the pups at home.

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