Weekly Photo Challenge: Three: Shots of Yummy

It has been awhile since I have posted on the “eat” part of this blog. Most days we are still getting creative in the kitchen and cooking up some delicious meals, but man does it take time to get good looking photos with messy fingers and then to find the time to write up the recipes. Most of the things we make are adaptations of other recipes that we find online, but some are ones that have evolved as we modify them at each iteration trying to find the right balance of what we like and the way we like it. With this week’s photo challenge being about three-picture stories, I find myself looking over the photos I have taken in the past (most from last summer) that were meant for blog posts to tell the story of various recipes. A lot of them use the produce from our garden, and most of the rest come from my favorite baking blogger Sally. I am not sure which recipe I used for the zucchini bread pictured below, but the zucchini was fresh from our garden and resulting bread was delicious! So here is my three-photo story of the zucchini bread making process:


An establishing shot getting a broad look at what goes into the zucchini bread, and the tools necessary to make it.


The relationship of the ingredients as they interacting with each other. I love capturing these kinds of chemical reactions of things that I cook or bake.


Finally, a close-up of the final product as Andrew adds the final buttery topping.

There was a lot of zucchini bread made last summer as well as other zucchini dishes. I hope to tell the other stories in a full zucchini blog post one of these days!

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