Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned: Sad Eyes

This week’s photo challenge is abandoned. When I think of the word I think of sad puppy dog eyes. The eyes we see each day when we leave the house for school or work, and that seem to say, “please don’t abandon me.” Charley was brought to a New Jersey animal rescue from a shelter in Tennessee. We have no idea about where he came from or how he got to be in a shelter. Was he abandoned? Did he run off? It is a total mystery. I wonder if each day we leave he wonders if we will be coming back.


On one of our road trips back from Minnesota we stayed at a motel and accidentally locked ourselves out with the dogs still in our room. They were temporarily abandoned, and as I waited for Andrew to get back with a keycard I took the picture above. I don’t know how anyone can give up their animals or leave them by the side of the road. I find it hard to leave them even for a day.

5 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned: Sad Eyes

  1. I could never imagine being apart from my fur children. We bring them wherever we can. Even traveling, as we have a camper. 🐶🚙

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