Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside: What We Eat

This week’s photo challenge started with the sentence: “So much of life happens inside something.” It made me think of how much life comes out of the tiny seeds I plant.


This year’s jalapeño seedlings at 2 weeks.

With the official start of spring just around the corner, I have begun placing those tiny seeds in the small cells where they will germinate and become small seedlings. In a couple of months time they will be transplanted to the garden and become luscious plants that produce the fruits and vegetables we will put on our table. I have started reading the Omnivore’s Dilemma, which has made me put serious thought into what is inside the things I eat. As the growing season begins, I am excited to tend to my garden, putting time and love into the plants that will be a part of my own sustenance. There is such great reward in being able to trace our food to our own garden and back further to the seeds in the cells growing in our window sill now. As I begin to see the life inside those seeds take root, I look forward to harvest time when that life will become a part of me through the fresh produce and delicious meals that Andrew and I make from it. What is inside the things we eat becomes a part of us; one life to another. So it deserves some thought: What is inside what you eat?


The inside of last year’s roma tomatoes, on their way to be roasted in the oven.


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