Garden Dog House Part 3: The Build

Continued from:
Garden Dog House Part 1: The Idea and
Garden Dog House Part 2: The Design

We drove our newly purchased lumber over to the garden along with the tools needed to put everything together, and began the build on the sidewalk next to the garden. Andrew knows his way around power tools more than I do, so I ended up being the photographer while he put together our design.

First we built the two long side pieces, making sure to leave enough space so the short ones will fit together at the corners nicely.


First piece done!

DSCN7473 DSCN7474

The second piece, was just the opposite of the first with the lattice strips on the sides.



Andrew let me try screwing in the one of the lattice strips, and needless to say I wasn’t very good at it:


Finally we put it all together

Bottom pieces:

DSCN7485 DSCN7486

Top piece (we needed to leave room for the 2×4 that would support in the middle, so we had other 2×4 spacers on the bottom):

DSCN7488 DSCN7489

Finally, we screwed in the support beam and put the lattice on top. The 2 foot lattice was barely wide enough to stretch across the top, so I think if we were to do anything different, we would have 46″ 2×4 instead of the 4′ ones.

DSCN7490 DSCN7492

The dogs were watching us closely the whole time, not knowing what was really in store for them.


We moved it into the garden, and tested it out.




Dog House/Trellis – End of April.

What a success! As you can see this was built towards the end of April, before the garden was planted and weeds started to take over (I am a bit behind on my posts). Now that we are at mid-June the doghouse is still a success and is very close to being officially used as a trellis by the beans and spaghetti squash (the pumpkins have been planted in a  new three-sisters plot where I have decided to grow popcorn and another variety of beans).  To add a bit more separation between dogs and garden and to assist the plants in growing on the doghouse, I put in an additional fence next to the doghouse, and things have been working out wonderfully (pictures below). Some vining Black-Eyed Susan seeds that I planted to the far right of the fence are also just starting to wrap around it as well.

I love this design! The dogs get some shade and a cool place to lay, and my squash and beans will hopefully grow right up it. I can’t wait to see how things turn out! Stay tuned for Part 4 (not sure what it will be called yet, but hopefully it will be a successful story of squash trellising)!


Dog House/Trellis Mid-June.




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