The idea for this blog came out of one lazy Sunday afternoon (described in my first three posts which can be found here) where I found myself having a great day doing some things I love:  spending time with my life-long doggy-companion Charley, making some tasty treats (for both Charley and I), and planting some seeds that would be the start to an adventure of growing and gardening.


Charley giving a big yawn on the couch, while I hold him close and Andrew snaps the shot from his home in Minnesota via Skype.

Since I am a graduate student on my way to getting my PhD in Computer Science, days like these (where I am doing the stuff I love) are what really keep me sane and happy. Writing about them is a way for me to not only focus on the wonderful things in my life, but to practice my writing skills and convey my  knowledge and creativity to the world (or at least the world wide web).

In May 2013 Andrew (former long-distance boyfriend and now fiancé) and his dog Dixie came from MN to join me and Charley in doggy adventures, the cooking and eating of good food, and the tending of the garden. Check our posts for the fun things we are doing with the dogs (bark), the foods we are preserving and cooking (eat), and the trials and triumphs of our garden (grow).

Hiking in Harriman State Park with the dopey dogs in Fall 2012

Hiking in Harriman State Park with the dopey dogs in Fall 2012

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